Days Of Fight, Days Of Hope II

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The tempest comes, "it" arrives
On it's blazing chariots. The scarlet rain lashes around,
The flames bathe on the wind.
My body trembles, but my mind bravely beats back the attacks of the invader.
Dear, I won't bare it long.
Please help me!

Love helped me to come back to you
Your warmth gave the power to survive the hardest time.

I fall down on my knees, I reach out to grab an crush "it"
with the rest of my strength.
Suddenly flash, glaring flame of hope and then silence waving above me
like sea. It is my Beloved who gives me her hand,
Warmth permeates through me.

Now eternity shall take us to its
Meadows full of flowers and will show us
The way to live on.