Coming From

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Understand at where I'm coming from X 2
Live this life in the hardest
Understand at where I'm coming from X 2

This is what the gangster's about
And bitch nigger's at
Somebody from your block got …gotta ride
When the bitches … that's why you can't trust em
…steal … wanna fuck em
The block is on fire, them … want you locked
Even if you pay the hustle they take … what you got
When neighbors get shot, and it ain't no big deal
Cause everybody took what he … peel
It's hard to … we're so used to, live everyday like it's our last
It's like they … knew it
…robbing and stealing, hustling and killing
Serve that, I just might … living with no villain
Where they … they'd rather be in jail
They go home and after tell their kids they failed
… south side of Houston, everybody's … but I love my hood so I put it up on …

Living life in the hardest, you understand at where I'm coming from

I come from the …bottom, trains …steal meals
My … fuck school, they'd rather rock … on wheels
Babys been having babies like condoms they never made them
Give them up to their pants cause sure they couldn't raise them
Let the curtain fall from the laws and the jewish
It's in the niggers up the creep for selling drugs that … us
My grandma always used to say …
…To take us up the …
…but I got feels do, so pardon me when I'm eat and … you…
Just let me smoke my weed and drank upon this …

But never pour too much cause I try to make it last
Understand at where I'm coming from
Live this life in the hardest
Understand at where I'm coming from X 2

I'm from the home where we need you,
Where they … away
…home of the g's, land of the slaves
Where the good die young and the …
… on the way to school jump in double blood pools
… and they … to it, how is this normal?
When the babies get burned and we used to call that coma
See where I'm from they will tell us anything
Like fuck … they just want us …
Yeah man, that's a motherfucking shame
And every … is the same,
… get down, and the bricks bitch

Understand at where I'm coming from
Understand at where I'm coming from X 2

Autor(es): Slim Thug

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