David Ruffin

Common Man

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i have dream a dream there a common man
ah hoping to rise to the top
i have sworn by my blood as your man my love
that one day i promise
one day your hurting stop

but i never never never never change(i never change)
one single grain of sand
oh thanks to you baby
for just loving a common man

oh i thought i thought i fail you so
but thats when you turn around and look me in my eyes
and you let me know
you said and you said it softly
i didnt have to worry bout being a common man
you said david you dont have to worry bout rising to the top
you said you said you said i didnt have to swear by my blood
ah baby that one day your heartaches will stop
then you put you arms around me and you said
you never never never never cared
if i never change one single grain of sand
you said i love you baby (i love you)
for just being a common man

for my gratitude just keep on growing
yeah for recognizing me i thank you baby
yeah for respecting me yeah i thank you baby
for in a time of need lord i thank you baby
oh for my gratitude for respecting me baby
for being a common man
ah i want to thank you bank
in a time of need i want to respect you baby
in a time of worry i want to respect you baby

Autor(es): Bobby Miller

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