Mark Chesnutt

Confessin' My Love

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I tossed and turned and tried counting sheep
When will I ever learn how I'll ever sleep
Till you're by my side it's just a waste of time
Ain't no use tryin' to get you off my mind

So I guess I'll be confessin' my love, confessin' my love
There ain't gonna be no restin' at all 'cause I want you too much
I might get all embarrassed and a little tongue-tied
"Cause I ain't had no lessons in expressin' it right
Yes I guess I'll be confessin' my love to you tonight

Toughest thing to do is up and speak my mind
I've been wanting you for too long a time
I just can't take this anymore
'Bout to hear some knockin' on your front door


Autor(es): John Scott Sherrill / Shawn Camp

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