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It's taken so much time to say there things to you
And I hope it's not too late
We're running out of time and I'm running out of lines
But I've still been trying to hide
Every night I close my eyes and think about the rest of my life
You are all that comes to mind

I always thought in time
I'd know where I would go and I know just what to do
But I never thought that I'd be part of something more
Something more then just myself
Every time I look at you I tell myself I must be strong
I must hold on

But I confess I'm still afraid and weak
I confess there's so much I can't see
But I promise you with my heart in hand
I will give you all of me
I confess I need you here with me
So please just stay with me

I confess I'm still afraid and weak
I'll confess I need you next to me

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