Confirmation of Love

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Got a call from Montreal.
It was a confirmation of love, that's all.
She sprayed my name on the back of her shoe.
What else would you want a woman to do for you?
Quit my job two weeks ago.
The pay was weak and the hours were low.
But I got to make money, going to see my honey
in the city; old Saint-Henri.
I got a confirmation of love.
She sprayed our names on the back of a bus.
What else could I want the woman to do for us?
She's the one; she's the one for me.
I know when you meet her you will agree with me.
I've got to buy a new coat and in the fall,
I'm going to take a plane to Montreal.
Got to make art, got to make out, got to make art
on the rooftops of the city.
She came down to California to meet my friends.
When it comes to loving me, I know, she won't pretend.

Autor(es): Greg Loiacono

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