Conjuring The Cataclysm

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Come my children
I beckon unto thee
I summon you to awaken from your eternal sleep
Rise from your graves, slumber no more
The time has come to spread your plague upon this world

Awaken my children
We spew forth from the spoiled earth
To heed the master s command
Our wretched rebirth shall be a curse upon this land
Through the blackest incantations we are summoned from our crypts
We savor the suffering of mortals, their deaths shall not be swift

Now the spell is complete,
I am the ruler of this scourge
Bow down at my feet, tremble before the necromancer

Tremble before me
(we all are one)
We are the legion spawned from the darkness
(we all are one)
We obey the master's command
(we all are one)
We are the legion born of malice
(we all are one)
We are the scourge upon this land

Autor(es): David Davidson

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