Barbarian Prophecies

Conquerors Of The Wolfthrone

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I was born in a dark mystic night
I saw the decadent human existence
I was searching the meaning of life
I've never found nothing to believe in
Dark and Desolated whispers are inside my brain
I can't control my thoughts
The power and hate of my ancestrors are
resurrecting in me
I can feel the change
Conquerors, of the Wolfthrone
Goddes Moon, mother of darkness I hear your deathbell
this night of terror
Invincible race of wolves are returning to their kingdom
A new age is near, this is the time for my empire
Barbarian wolf black hordes will destroy their
pathetic existence
Restitution of human laws, there isn't scape,
meet your death
Millions of corpses cover the holy fields
Cold human blood is in my powerful jaws
The images of my past are the food of my
uncontrollable death desire
Infernal screams of the night, showme the way,
my victory.

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