Constructing The Apocalypse

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These days rot toxic plot
the world is poysoned here
radiation near teacnes us fear
worrild of the death
cancerous growth again shows
what is always near
worlds collide we can't decioe
we only exist to bear

Survive war and be
never again mentally free
darker winds do see
hot it will be
probllfl are only
hatefully designed
the weak ones fear to be
punished to be unfree

The rivers red pestic flows
decay of eternal life
manhind again will show so
future is nowhere to go

Bayer basf sandoz laroche
an industrial parade
concrete jungles darkly grey
green never again seen

They seek for war
chemical weapons
napalm the goal in '68
destructivly possessed

It's mankind to stop them now
i fell so strong
constructihg the apocalypse
maybe they will kill us then
weak is what i am
constructing the apocalypse

War is near
fear rules
fight my friebd
for your life

Decline is sealed
all gone