Operation Cliff Clavin


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from the day that you're born
until the day that you die
all they expect you to do
is to get you to buy and to buy
the morning that you make
the more that they expect you to spend
and the more that you manage to save
the more that they will ask you to give
dgrlndghn oh man i can't understand that
and you my friend are a part of the greedy plan
modern day technology
as fast as the average man
so in a race to compete
he buys what he can't understand
they've taken our need to survive
and complicated it
now its not what you need
but how much you can get
now you're like a mom i taught you just part of there corporate conspiracy?
we lost our freedom and we lost our power
when we lost self sufficentcy
a simple way of life thats been taken for granted
we left it far behind
we sold ourselves as slaves to the dollar sign

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