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Ha ha ha ha ha, yeah, ahhhh

Sim-p-ly marvelous
(that's what you are, that's what you are, that's what you are)
More than outrageous (ooh ooh)
That's what you are
Beyond incredible, yeah yeah
(that's what you are, that's what you are, that's what you are)
Now that's contagious (ooh ooh)
Ooooh that's what you are (hey)

Luda! i must admit that you are truly somethin special
So hop up in my vessel, let's wrestle like i'm the rock (rock)
Deep in your ocean i'ma find your buried treasure
So hop up on the dresser, throw your legs up to the top (top)
Stretch it out like calisthenics
Bet it that luda wet it and get it and have somebody call the medic (medic!)
My head is in the right direction
My quarter's in your jukebox, girl you are my #1 selection
I play you over and over, put your head on my shoulder
Slide down and give me head in the rover (rover)
And i'm a soldier, see it ain't no limits to the things we could do
And i made this record for you
So that we could break it down to the nitty-gritty one time
And when it comes to the sexin i get busy with mine
So you get busy with yours, i guess we destined to see
Baby girl, you are destined to be

Yeah, uhh
Uh, so supernatural, wonderful and miraculous
You got me buggin off yo' attractiveness like whoa (whoa)
So precise, so fine in yo' position
That my unanimous decision is to never say no (no)
You got me strung like a guitar
Playin the sweetest melody is definitely heavenly by far (far)
Further than the moon - and i never fake it
But i take it when you get naked cause your body's like boom! (boom!)
How could i resist it? i'll be there in an instant
When you call like tornadoes you got me twisted
I know you missed it, so i'ma give it good
You'll go ballistic, because i give it hood
Just like a nigga would, and like a nigga should
If you hear screamin then luda's up yo' neighborhood
Good gracious, yeah i do it right
And all night, you are

Yeah, it's courageous how you drop the phone and rush over
Crazy how you make me high when i'm sober
Just when i thought, i've seen it all
You put it down on meeeee
It's contagious how your lips make me lose composure
Addicted to the kisses, your blow got me swoll up
There's only one, my champion
That's what you are to meeee, yeah
Ooooooh yeah

Autor(es): ,Ludacris