Content Was Always My Favorite Color

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my world is firmly compressed into the pocket of your front breast.
we pass over cities and towns collapsed, in hopes that people find amusement amongst the depressed.
what you say - goes.
and your site beats everyone else's.
and we all know we've already won.

once in awhile, while looking on the lampost while they dance alone.
(they pivot and sway in the street ??? the light sure shed by our road flare)
(another layered line is going on with these two lines...)

la la la la la la la la, etc.

watching the ground move quick and fast
the car is stopped and i'm out of gas.
must be my fault.
whatever you say is correct by me
cause all i wanna save is a cat in a tree
i can't get it down
i can't get it down
i can't get it down
the doubt breaks inside me
as the light beat down from the giant's pockets onto the ground

you're a taker of vanities. a stealer of games.
now show me a night where us both can be safe.

you're what i want

Autor(es): Adrian Jewett / The Most Serene Republic

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