Controlled By Mind

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Walking to the chasm
That leads into infinity
Putting your mind
On the list of insanity

Individual - controlled by his mind
A poor substitute of person left behind
Your own identity - you cannot find
That keeps you satisfied - you must be blind

Crucial thoughts
You begin to learn
Spreading feelings
You are suppose to earn

[Chorus 2]
I'm controlled, I cannot fight
I'm controlled, I can't resist

I cannot fight, I'm controlled
I can't resist, I'm controlled

Know you're different because of your behavior
It doesn't mean you're better one - The Savior
Your enemies look at you and say - he's out of his mind
They're right telling you the truth - it's do kind

[Repeat chorus]
Know that you're observed - they're out of your sight
Yet you don't really know you're still able to fight

[Repeat chorus 2]
Withdrawn - fighting fears that haunts you
To regain control over an actions you do

Autor(es): Sceptic