Porter Wagoner


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I was talkin' to a farmer not long ago
His face was all brown and wrinkled and his hair was as white as snow
I'd gone for a drive out in the country when I stopped at his place
When I first stopped and spoke to him
He said don't I know you you look familiar to me
He sat there for a minute and said yeah I know you
I listen to you on the radio and watch you on TV
Then he started to tell me about his farm
And his voice got real soft with a gentle tone
He said this little ol' farm has sent five kids through school
And for 48 years it's been my home
The wife and I bought this place when we first got married
She was just 18 and I was 21
We raised all of our five children right here
Sent 'em through school and onto college our four girls and one son
I asked him what he thought about things today
All the prices and everything seem so high
He said well I sorta leave that to someone else
Cause I figure that nearly everything kinda even's out in the end I'll tell you why
You see I raise the corn fatten the hogs take 'em into town
Then I take the money that the hogs bring
And buy me some new seeds to plant in the ground
Then I raise the wheat that makes the flour to feed my wife and me
I raise the hay too feeds them cows out there to give us the milk we need
So I leave the price fixin' and things like that to someone else you see
Cause I got all that I can do just taking care of this place
And bein' an American farmer is what God wanted me to be
Then he said I enjoy talkin' to you Porter
But I'd better be back to work now I reckon you take care

Autor(es): Porter Wagoner

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