Hundred Million Martians

Conversation Over

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And to think we fought so long and hard for this
So sad to see how everything just turns to shit
Jealousy and bitterness, they always work so well
The mirror on the wall is the one who could tell
The conversation's over and the silence is too loud
Who'd ever think we'd turn out so proud

For once in my life, i thought i was right
For once in my time i thought i knew
But once again this time, i found out i'm denied
Of everything good i understood

And don't get me wrong, i'm happy just like this
Who wouldn't like to dwell in their own shit
And truth just always hurts and lies are always lies
Silence is the key to better times

For once in my life...

Oo-oo, wasn't that good?
Oo-oo-oo, or was it not true?

For once in my life...

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