Convolut-Ion, Manifestat-Ion, Secret-Ion, Karma-Lravatl The Thunders Emerged

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The aeon of secrets
Manifest vadula-lions until the 50 spheres of nereid
Immerse within the gate of the fevers
Silver allurement fractures the lascivious egressions
The aberrant intoxications incite the vaporous entities of her crimson perversions

Admit the forlorn mastications
The third sphere ignites torrential retro-versions
The reverse fornications
Conceal the house of my secret thunders

Bathyllic lesions of venomous raptures
The double wanded collusions manifest ecstasies
Upon ecstasies within the labyrinth’s eye

Crown of fevers alight ruminations of the black vault of the stars
Seething convolutions excite subtle emissions of the 7th and 19th spheres
As the ophidian rapture extends the ekstasis of she
Who is the priestess of the gateway of naught
The secret eye awakens swarms of the highest virtue

Imbibe the venomous elixir and the apotheosis is attained
I am the door to the key endlessly awaiting eternity
As the fathomless depths are plumbed by mine eye

The waters of the moon bequeathed the unknown virtues of the serpent
And the sword
Luminous bones cast the reflective light upon the numinous
The strands of the shores of our inner seas
Were illuminated by the depths of stars unbound

All hail the procession of masks
Within benighted chambers gleam the eyes of sunless discernment
Ghostly images burn with splendor and debauchery
Septenary, quaternary, serpent fingers gesture forth the veils awakening

Vomit forth the flames of swarming vulture
To devour the wings of she whom sheds perfumes of excremental ekstasis
And the kiss of the dove shall excite descensions perfection upon
The tinctures of crimson and mauve and nothingness

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