Mc Chris

Cookie Breath

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southern belle from the atl, eyes set on mind melt, she makes my heart swell, I love the
way she feels, I love the way she smells, I love the way she talks, I love the stories
she tells. there's nothing I don't like, sold hook, line and sinker. she's got this rapper
wrapped around her manicured finger, she's dramatic and simple, kinetic and nimble, she's
a fickle little riddle and she makes me go mental. I'm in love that's the one thing that
I'm sure of, can't get enough of this stuff , can't get enough of her hugs, she makes me
not want to drink or do any drugs, hold her forever until the sun comes up.

chorus - why oh why won't you be mine? I tried so hard not to cry. can't contain what lies
inside. could you'd call me up and just say hi. why oh why won't you leave that guy? why
oh why must I be denied? when oh when will the time arrive when you look me in the eyes
and say your mine?

southern belle from the bible belt. together forever, only time will tell. until I know for
sure, now that I'm in hell. when you kiss me deep know that it's deeply felt. my eyes
well up when your car pulls up, feel like a dumb fuck that's shit out of luck. love bites,
love bleeds, love fucking sucks. feel so stuck in a rut, knowing you're love is a must.
are we really just friends, will this night ever end? I tried to imply that it was all
just pretend, but a lie that size makes a man a mess. oh, when will I see you again?

repeat chorus.