Agony Aunts

Cool Fresh Nights

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You're all alone, you're in the scene
Recharge your rebel mind, and champion all your queens
Can you feel it running down
Medication absentee

Your tender age acquires shame
Your line of questions, aching minds, all I can claim
If you fear 'em coming 'round
Paying time and shifting blame

Your trouble now was trouble then
You shut the door
No room to bend
You want to get yourself out
Into cool fresh nights

You're getting' good at being found
Keep conscientious track of goals on separate rounds
Any time you feel afraid
Never lose an inch of ground

You leave it alone, in the loneliest way
Shrinking violet frieze on display
You're promising this and you promise me that
But you'll probably screen us away

You struggle now, you struggle then
You pace the floor, you make amends
You wanna get the hell out into cool fresh nights