Cool It

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Oh cool it, I said
Why do you do this to you?
Slow down, take good care
You're really moving nowhere
Oh you seem, afraid it
Won't last - that's why you move so fast
So take my, my advice
Go straight, and settle down
Why not live a natural life?
And be loved for what you are
Leave all pressure, don't think twice
That would get you far

Uh you can get what you've been looking for
You're on your feet now baby
Uh you can have who you've been longing for
But you say if and you mean maybe

Oh cool it, she said
But thank you for your care, now
Please tell me
What went wrong
Can't take these ups & downs
The days I, hardly make it through
I swear there's a curse on me & you
It's bye bye pepsi cola, hello holy wine
Why can't I live a natural life
And be loved for who I am
Living high, living fine
Must it be on borrowed time?