Lower Than Atlantis

Cool Kids

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All the cool kids are coming out
So you'd better make an effort to impress
Hurry up and get dressed
Tonight we're gonna have a laugh
I think she's coming and I hope I see her there
I'll be like "whatever", "who cares?"

Seen them live five times
Only heard of them last night
What do they sound like?
And did you know I read?
Read the blurb of this one at least
Carry it round with me

Our youth is our excuse
We won't relive this again
We're all unique just like snowflakes
But we won't melt in the rain

Pre-drinking wine with my best friends
I've never liked it much but it's cook ok?
I'm getting cooler every day
We're listening to 90's bands
If the singer's not dead, it's not good
We're all confused and misunderstood

My glasses make me look smart
Lenses made of glass
Coolest guy in class
There's this coffee place I go
Ciao bambino

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