Planet Gemini


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They speak of cruel intentions
They try to rape your mind.
They are the ones that hold you down
Down to their size.

I've got a nightmare enclosing
Burning through my head
I've got a black sun rising
Wishing I was dead
I've got 13 angels and a devils grin oh yeah
I've got 2 more bottles and I'm on the road again
I get this feeling it's over,
When I see the light
I got a strange superstition
That keeps me up at night

I've got 2 black candles let the crosses spin on yeah,
I've got a million mistakes that I might just make again.

Won't you release me
From your grip I have no plea
And put away your cause
Inside your world I feel no loss
Looking back I find,
Another world I'm walking blind
But your so far behind.
And I'm walking, And I'm walking
Oh so blind.

Silence it speaks to your heart of gold
"Let me in"
I can't remember the last life I'd save
What we are is who we see
And what I see is nothing.
Nothing, Nothing…. Nothing….

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