Chris LeDoux

Copenhagen Angel

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Well she rolls her own cigarettes with the work of just on hand
She acts mean and she cusses I know she wish she were a man
She got her teeth knocked out by a bucking horse
And when I told her that It made her look tough
She just grinned and said I like it that way
And then she loaded up her lip with snuff
She's my snoose queen she's my Copenhagen angel
She's my Beech Nut bunny she's my Red Fox brush hog

She can ride a bareback horse and she can really hook into a bull
She never misses her saddle bronc out and she rides it like a spurrin' fool
She team ropes with the best of them ties a calf in 9.3
She'll dogs steers just for fun and make a fool out of you and me
She's my snoose queen...

Oh well a buckle polisher she's dang sure not
She wins her own in all the tough spots
Chasing cowboys just ain't her style. It's winnin' the prize money that makes her smile
She's got a plug in both her cheeks she's got Copenhagen in her lip
She's got a roll-your-own stuck between her teeth and I've never even seen her spit
She's my snoose queen...

Autor(es): Burk Tarleton

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