Kid Dynamite

Cop Out

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Hey dictator! instigator! never draw the line. you think your
Right to settle's your right to destroy. knights with armor and
Nightsticks deploy. humane vision cuffed up tight. book
Expression. arrest some rights. remain silent? waive the right
And you'll beat and cheat. law enforcer, you've become a
Hater... a licensed killer. it's ok you can cover your tracks.
Kick the dirt over staining facts. you wonder why you're hated?
Well, let me tell you... at times your power trip goes a bit too
Far. that's how the story goes... because you wrote it. if the
Story folds then you'll rewrite it, won't you? i think you will.
Protecting your ass. serving your ego. now i understand why
People... now i understand why some people... they call you a

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