Copy Paste

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I hate hearing about things that I don’t have yet
Got me bitter, got me jealous, makes me sad yeah
Gotta be real, think I might be going mad but
I'm gonna get it all, gonna get it all
I hate seeing all this bullshit on my news feed
People copyin' and pastin' every two weeks
Feels like the internet is starting to abuse me
I’m just tryna make some noise
Feeling like I’m Lou Reed, baby
This is the new me, baby
You don’t amuse me, baby
Life is so confusing and I got way too much weight on these mood swings

I wouldn’t mind, if you were mine
They say it takes time, they say it takes time

Not as pretty as I wanna be or famous as I thought I'd be
Something must be wrong with me, please don't try to talk to me
Think I'm getting stupider, smoke till I'm in Jupiter
I’m too close with my baby like I came out of the womb with her
Little bit depressed, I look fresh but I’m a mess
Thought I'd be the best, throwin' fingers for the West
I'm afraid of all my friends, their opinions are too harsh
Wish that they would play pretend
Tell me that they love my bars
Say that I’m like Lil Wayne
Like an alien from mars
And I hate explaining shit so don't ask me to
I’m like Mary Kate and like Ashley too
He thought I was one but I'm actually two
I hate seeing all the same shit on my timeline
People copy and then paste and wasting my time
I make a wave so get the fuck off of my pipeline
I'm a pussy but at least I still got nine lives

I wouldn’t mind, if you were mine
They say it takes time, they say it takes time
I wouldn't mind, if you were mine
If you were mine, if you were mine

Autor(es): Jesse Rutherford

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