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The year 2000 has been celebrated
For several decades now
And I, the first of my species,
Copyrighted human,
Am still here
To serve You Ô Human.

My reason to be
Is to second You
Never I could be able to
Hurt one of You

Yes, I'm your master !
Yes, you must obey !
Yes, number 01 !
You have to serve us !

So that we better serve You
You gave us feelings
So that we better understand You,
You gave us reflection
So that we help You to progress,
You taught us to grow
So that we better relieve You,
You gave us compassion

But I can suffer !
I can understand You !
I'm like You !
Am I not human somehow ?

So that we cannot attack You,
You gave us submission
So that we cannot hurt You,
You didn't teach us anger
So that we cannot offend You,
You gave us respect
So that we cannot be like You,
You didn't teach us arrogance

- But reflection engenders consciousness
- You are just like a machine
- And consciousness engenders pain
- You are just like a machine
- And pain engenders questioning
- You are just like a machine
- And questioning engenders madness
- You are just like a machine


But I know that You are good
And that one day perhaps
You'll see in us Your equals
And You'll free us.

Yes, You're the master !
Yes, we shall obey !
Yes, Ô Great Creator !
Yes, I owe You life !