Cormega (Interlude)

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Yo.. yeah shit is real right now yaknahmsayin?

Who the nigga - motherf**kin Cormega

Queensbridge, that's Q.B.

Uptown - Connecticut, niggaz is settin it

Tone Touch - you just don't give a f**k

What nigga? Far Rock', Iraq, to Southside

Son we gon' show these niggaz

Yo, yo, what?

Niggaz recognize the method I perfected rhymin

Rappers insecure, verbally I'm jeapordizin

Check the way that I be exercisin

My pen work for me for years, it's ?-defyin (ooh!)

You know the saga, the drama

The Queensbridge Kingpin, 'Mega Montana

To Touch I pledge allegiance, drugs sold for many reasons

Some for prestige, others they only way of eatin (no doubt)

My niggaz pray to be in, a better life

We had plans to bag grams and get ahead at night (what?)

I f**k with officialist, thugs that hit you wit

cop killer dum-dum shit, your whole shit is split

Livin this life, drippin in ice (uh)

Holdin my position like pimpin, Friday composition

Trife uhh I'm takin mines like in Perry Mason times

Any attempt to stop me (check this) you wastin times

I could blaze a nine or infilitrate the line between paper

rhymes like solidified white rock, shocked in eighty-nine

Rhyme for FEMA's, ??, overachievers

Hold a heater to them other cultures, who deceive us

Blunted on a wanted poster with a golden millimeter

You think it ain't real? Check me on my next re-up, BEOTCH!

What nigga? Who could f**k with this?
What? Hahahah
Mobb Deep, C-N-N nigga, Shan
Nas nigga, Poet, Kamikaze, Killa Kid
Nature, what? Q-B nation nigga
Back together, ha ha..

Autor(es): Cory McKay

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