Turner Cody

Corner of My Room

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The finger's on the trigger and the mind is on the plan,
And I've got my prescription and every citizen's got his,
Now join me in the Rubicon and paddle me to France,
The nectarines are sweeter there and we aint got a chance 'round here,
I am counting Lincolns and living in the corner of my room,
I'm looking at the godess of the hunt and staring at the moon.

My friends aint got no loving and the babies aint got teets,
The women are all busy getting smart out on the streets (and there aint none),
And the gentleman from Kansas is fixing to retire,
He's drinking with his right-hand-man and speaking 'bout the fire and the doom,
A car horn sounds blows loud and hits my naked ear like a harpoon,
And I am counting Lincolns and living in the corner of my room.

I got enough to get to Memphis but not enought to get me home,
Where some men see a ladder some men see a throne to repaint,
And I said to senator, is this deed genuine?
He said, I aint seen that kind of thing since 1999, and it aint,
I saw John Brown going down a mighty road to Heaven on mule,
I stood aside and waved goodbye blind, out of sight, and out of fuel.

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