Corporate World

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Listen world
I'm sick of not knowing the future
I wanna know if there is gonna be a world left
In which my children can play

We can do this, let's go (Let's go!)
Corporate world {x2}
Let's do it (Let's go!)

World number 3 makin' mega money
Sellin' dope 2 babies, now it ain't so funny
James used 2 say we got 2 buy some land
We got 2 get 2gether, we got 2 have a plan

Corporate world 4 all my sis' and my bro'
A new soul nation, it is possible
Corporate world 4 all my sis' and my bro'
Let's build a foundation, let's do it, let's go

Callin' on my brother, the one that's doin' good
Let's put our bread 2gether and buy a neighborhood
We'll build a better school that teaches us how 2 make it
And when the enemy offers dope, we don't take it


Corporate world
Let's do it (Let's go!)

We're gettin' the grooves in order cuz everybody wants 2 dance
If U wanna hear our music, then give an equal chance
Everything has the radiant from now on, we got 2 get paid
Don't U ever try 2 cross me, nobody knows what's in my briefcase

Sing the chorus y'all
Corporate world 4 all my sis' and my bro'
A new soul nation, it is possible
Think it ain't?

Oh yeah (Corporate world)
Let's do it (Yes!)

Maybe, just maybe I'm sick of not knowin' the future
If there's gonna be a world 4 my children 2 play
If U wanna build a highway in my neighborhood
Then guess what? (What?) I got 2 have some say
Think I don't?

(Corporate world) {repeat 4 times}
A new soul nation
It is possible, let's go

OK boys, we got 17 days left
12 of which are just played in stadiums outdoors
How would U like 2 ride? Limousine or Cadillac?
Morris, the King of Arabia couldn't make it 2 our show Saturday
But his daughter still wants 2 come
Shall we set it up?

4 U man, messin' right, we hittin'
And while I gotcha
Plans 4 the new club at the ...
With operations by my summertime thang

I hope this all lives up 2 your satisfaction
Cuz it certainly does 2 mine

Corporate world

Autor(es): Prince