Molotov Solution


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1040 forms and fiat currency share much in common,
like absolute illegitimacy and paper construction.
no income-tax law exists, nor does tangible value in a dollar,
but every day someone goes to prison over one or the other.

A 1913 scheme with aim to reach neo-feudalism
by stripping Congress of the Constitutional power they were given
would guarantee unpayable debt, generations born into a prison
the death of the nation began with the birth of the federal reserve system.

Incremental erosion of sovereignty to ensure a smooth transition into totalitarian global governance.

Asses and elephants are equally malevolent when
bought and paid for by big business and bankers, (democracy is a myth)
and voting becomes seemingly irrelevant when
electronic machines have supplanted paper. (democracy is a myth)

National sovereignty surrendered to multi-national corporations,
Law enforcement to infrastructure undergoing total privatization,
Consolidation of power progressing under globalization,
International banks, corporations and government working together...

Against the rest of us,
the rest of the population,
Because when you print the money,
Power becomes your only aspiration.

I pledge eternal war
with those obsessed with control.
Bilderberg to CFR,
We will crush you all

Autor(es): Kyle Davis

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