Corroded Breed

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You see blackened men in jail
With gleaming eyes they scream out hail
And hungry like a wulf they cry
Released they're longing for you die
Their potential of aggression seems to
Be a part of passion
Young souls feel the creeping pain
When scum gets out the dirty drain

You will get down forced by the need
To kill your own corroded breed

A corroded breed was that what you wanted
Take the chance that you are given
Screws of rising pain they're driven
Into your flesh to your brain
Inside where blood gets down the drain
knives are sharpened sparks exhausted
Claws are longing for the causted
Realize the mess you're in the fight
Goes do you want to win

A black child is desired target
It's skin sold on illegal market
Paralysed or desinteressed
You look away from all this mess
Too late to cry too late to weep
What have you done you made a creep
Beware of it and fuck them all
You have to do or you will fall

I can't kill you you are flesh of my flesh
You are blood of my blood
Lethal glimpse out of your eyes
I surrender yes I do cause I'm still loving you

I can't kill my flesh you are still my child
It's so hard to face the truth the danger's
Near so I realize my sin

Autor(es): :wumpscut:

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