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These words spoken
All these lines quoting
Earth corrosion
Live beyond expectations :
In this life chosen
Bad news innovated
Though we never loose
The soul the lord gave
The flesh that the
Earth produced
Deep thoughts with a vengeance escalates ones more
My analyze keeps all my targets in store
Mad monopoly and politics parallel to Russia hung
Ignorant niggas and let proud men suffer yet begun
Still you can see it as done
Like when dirty cells in your body produce mad sons
Envy gives the energy to my plan
Intelligence strikes like lightning in open land
Shit is spoken rumors is spread
Though what he said
Behind close doors you know too much
You end up laying dead
Fill up your catalogues with these types of minerals
So we can learn much more about ourselves in general
A clear mind bringing knowledge for you and yours
Take a pause we killing each other without a cause
This soulparade is programmed by a higher power
While we march we mix truth with our gunpowder
I plead guilty in the trial of the world against us
Adventures extreme proceed gunmen extravaganza
Precise lecture spectate the guns until they
Clapped ya build on a fonds
Ya life signed to the contractors
21 first century gunculture
Inhale vitamins flushed with a cold soda
We strapped with a seven shots revolver
We shipped in your harbor
It's a honor the maasriver's unsolved and it holds cadavers
From the city called the docks yes a paradise of drugs
Born a halfblood mastermind bonded to thugs
So keep on calculating crime rotations and starvations
Count all the black people without education
Hell to come to some dumb black faded
From spit guns we native tongues related to slums
Valuable life's wasted in a snakepit below twenty's basic
I made it documents and taped it
So how the fuck you gonna expect me to stay patient
To a devilish disease traveling the streets
Hungry is the belly of the beast and hatred amongst me
Evil might be seductive but it never won me
Cause every men on this mission is in need of money
I try to live my life good and clean my dirty laundry
Listen up yo' this thing is 'bout to go deep
Walk the streets seeing danger coming over my peeps
Spotted the devil on the creep
Last night bad eye looking at my
I guess he just can't stand the way we fly
I don't know why some become rotten like trash
A regular blast a lot of niggas dying too fast
No one gains life drains a nigga in chains
I guess when one takes the bullet
The other one takes the blame
Try to explain the life of the accused we run game
Guilty as charged when times get hard it's time to proof it
I never lose it to hell with these illusions
Cause they ain't gonna put me in no damn institution
Life is a bitch still nothing to ever fuck with
Enjoy while your in it worship every damn minute
Cross limits plant my seeds all over the world
When I go I'm being followed hoping my name will live on
To all my newborns keep your mind and eyes open
Don't fall into traps the government made for blacks
Stuck inside this hell hole right
Reality bites blinded my eyesight
This darkness got me searching for light
I'm able to find a piece of mind one of a kind
Still some carry guns and ride away doing time.
Y'all in a shock
The rudest men come from the docks
So keep your eyes open kid keep your doors locked