Richard Lloyd


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I followed him, in a long black car,
In a long line of cars, we headed into the stars
We never played the game, we only headed on down the line
And though he always left with her, still i knew that he was mine
But i know that i will never see him again

We never looked back, but we never looked ahead
So it hit me like a heart attack, when i found out he was...
And it was a summer day, but the leaves fell on the ground
And the children remained at play, but they did so without a sound
And i know that he will never be there again

I know the sun turns around the earth
They say otherwise, but the truth hurts
And it was a long time ago, when he ran into his mother's arms
And she held him oh so close,
And she promised he would never come to harm
But i know that she will never hold him again
I've come just to say good-bye my friend
Good-bye my friend.

Autor(es): Richard Lloyd