Jeff Beck

Corvette Bummer

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All my days i had moldy bread
Robot brains and the flyin' airplanes
Hollowed out and filled with dust
Rockin' like a hurricane under the rug
Bored to the core on a sunken boat
A worn out candle and a plastic coat
A ziplock bag, a pelican bone
A perfect shape, a cardboard reject
Overfed, electric comatose
Riding in the air, invisible socks
A broken blanket, flamin' sawdust
Wakin' up in the shadow of a piece of dirt

Gonna fly like a dog
Gonna leap right out the wall
Gonna walk around this town with a can o' whiskey
Gonna run like a bird
Gonna roll out in the dirt
Gonna run around this town with the phone machine

Yellow cat layin flat on the road
Molten lead shootin' out the ground
Tinfoil witch burnin' under the bridge
Flap your wings and leap out the window
Put a glass eye in the eyes of god,
Nuke the kiss
Polaroid cupcake
Take it to the limit, new wave biscuit
Camouflage gimmick, whip out like never before

Gonna jump like a fly
Gonna burn like a pig
Gonna flap around and pass out on the kitchen floor
Gonna crawl like a rock
Gonna dance like a worm
Gonna take my shoes right off and smell my socks

Fly like a squirrel
Gonna swim like a chicken
Gonna weedwack a plate of noodles in the afternoon
Gonna melt like a weasel
Gonna fry like a kid
Gonna get my walkie talkie, and some mustard and
Some mayonnaise, and a mermaid, and some macaroni, bricks, and some
Telephone wires, and phone machines, and a fax machine, and a...(laughing)