Cosmic Chaos Pandemonium

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Terror spreads with incresing speed
The beginning of gortesque feast
Fire burning the sins of worms
A spit from above
Feel powers of the ancient domain
A place with no name
We invoke and call upon thee
The total infinity
The splendid destruction
The chaos pandemonium
Extracting the essence
The chaos pandemonium
We have seen the horrors of mankind
And let our emotions feed on them
Now we see the death of mankind
Bleak images of fading life
We summon the infernal force
We seek tragedy of death
We hear the cries of damned souls
We invoke great dominion
Storms from hell embrace the skies
Bring malice heaven cries
Come forth from the abyss
Raise the banners of blasphemy
Cosmic evil demonic call
Humanoid now depose
Its the rise of the antichrist
Complete the circle of the antilife
Destroy them
This is the end of all the human worms
Death is rebirth we are the chosen ones

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