Cosmic Seeds Of Anger And Dementia

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Far beyond the cold distant void, the universe curls closing
The spiral to absurd dimensions over the static of god's existence
Inverting laws of time, space and so death control, pure black anti matiere...
The origin of chaos
Perpetually changing shape, million evils faced,
From sickness to war, from war to chaos
Downfalling on itself... Degenerative particule, pure black anti matiere...
The origin of chaos
You say why? I say what for?
We're just seeds of dust on a dead stone turning around
A cold star in a depressive universe
You say why? I say what for?

Master of all plagues
Use my soul to bless your words
Tomorrow is out of reach
Lie to tell me what I want to hear
All is nothing
Over the vast night of times
Negation of my life
In the black void of Satan, the mighty revelator of matiere and time
Questions are not missing but your dogma makes me sick
Repent in the name of who?
Forgiveness in the name of what?
Mysteries of satan
Unblessed by the weak
Tyranny to come
Laws of the new one
Abandon the crucified whore
Terminate the reign of god
Insurect the sign of the goat
Over the ancient world
Nothing is all

I'm now sure I'll die by my own, piss your faith on my face
And be the fontain of my worst desires
If only you dared to be something, something they hate and I stand for
Drink my soul and make me die
Sorrow destroyed the curtain of sensitive space,
Destroy the feelings and suck out my brain
This bottle will be my last fetish
Next stop in a body bag
But it seems so brieve and now I'm locked in a cell
Stones imprison my face
Anguishing petrified thoughts
I never thought it comes this fast to begin to dig another grave
No more time for remorse, I have to face damnation, hell is eternity

Something is definitly dead within me, the small light which was still blazing before N-night
Blown by a cold wind from the anguishing void, the black feezing breathe of the devil
I hear the hearse' bells toll
I'll close your eyes before you'll understand I don't want you to think by yourself
Years betray the time left for me
Unless you die forget the happiness for there's nothing finally at the end
The other day I bought a gun
I should think about using it...

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