Tenacious D

Cosmic shame

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If I were to say something to y'all tonight
I'd say set the artist free
I'm talking about the artist inside here in your hearts
Set it free!
Im saying, quit your day job
Yeah and I know a lot of you people here are saying...
"I can't quit my day job, I got kids to feed Jack!"
Quit your day job!
Focus on your crafts before it's all over
Youve died, you've squandered it
You fucking robots!

Then after a couple of years
Of you focusing earnestly on your craft
K.G. and I will swoop in
We will check on your progress
And we will encourage you to continue!
Or we can say stop...
Then seriously you must stop!
Or penalties will be created and inforced
Listen up!

This is the problem
Sometimes you follow your heart
Sometimes your heart cuts a fart
That's the cosmic shame
Thats the cosmic shame
And I know what you are saying now!
"what makes you so fuckin' good?!"
Well, I don't fuckin know, and I don't like it!
Ive stayed up going fuck!
Why cant everybody fucking have it?!
See, this is the thing
Some people learn it on the streets!
Some people learn it in their schools!
Me and kg we were fuckin' born with it holmes!
Lets check it out

*Jack blows you away with his high voltage rock! *

That shit came of the top of my fuckin head y'all
Off the top of his head y'all

It's the Cosmic Shame!

Autor(es): Jack Black / Kyle Gass

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