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Goddess ishtar
Descendant of sin
I bring you this offering
Tell me where i came from

Prophecies of sumeria
Has shown the elders the secrets of the lost
Kingdoms that saw the birth of the world
Deluded humans behold
The statement from the fathers :
"your race is sacred but your path is wasted,
The blessing of anu is no more"

Sailing the earth upon the ages
Human created the marvelous world
Crossing the sands and creating the lands
The essence was born for a dynasty of man
Raising the pride of the soul
Reaching the sky and the lights of the horizon
Denigrating the might of their kind
Praying to nonexistent gods

Defying the storms of nature
Transcending the light of the sun
Your kind was intended to conquer the skies
The illness of faith overgrown
As fear and blindness invade the souls
Of a million impotent and indoctrinated creatures
Your inborn nature of slave dominates you

Evening star
Let your light shine over my race
And never again the sun will rise upon us