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I long to live with some celestial beings
to adore in silence blissful friends
gliding into constellations of their smiles
melting into shining eyes

chant away
the cosmos grace
born inside the lotus gold

to be at the feet of celestial artists
close to the brush of their cosmic strokes
churning whispers into melodies of psalm
in timeless rhythms, blessed tones

chant away
the cosmos grace
born inside the lotus gold

I can live this revelation
with magnified devotion
magnified devotion
magnified devotion...

"Divine mother
Free my mind from all obstacles of delusion
And lead me safely to thy shores of fulfillment
Awaken within me increasing strength, positive thinking, courage, faith
And above all fill my heart
With thine unconditional love
With thine unconditional joy"

{This is a prayer by Paramahansa Yogananda, taken from a Sri Daya Mata
lecture, president of the Self Realization Fellowship}

solo: Paul

I want to be closer to higher beings
near to touch those divine companions
gathering joyfully from the nether world
as I go through the portal's fold

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