Leet Street Boys

Cosplay Girlfriend

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I went downtown today
Met a girl on the way
She asked me why I look so lonely
As she changed her wig
My heart danced a jig
Think I found my one and only
Now you're gone I've moved on
Someone who understands
I got a new cosplay girlfriend
She's fun and she's better than you
Feels like my whole life's a whirlwind
Everytime I see her she's always somebody new
I'm in love with my cosplay girlfriend
She's one that you just gotta see
Feels like my whole life's a whirlwind
She knows just who she wants who she wants to be
Went to the mall arcade
She likes the games we played
We beat everyone at Mortal Kombat
I told her what you did
She nearly flipped her lid
Says she wants to give you an uppercut
Since you're gone I've moved on
We're making crazy plans
This weekend at the con
We got our badges on
Now everyone is taking pictures
You're far away
So yesterday
Been sunshine ever since I kissed her

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