Cotton Alley

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One Time
You Made Me Cry
Be Proud That I

My Chin Is Sore
The Bruise Is Gone
But the Spot Is Tender

Gave My Hand a Sister Coy
To Cotton Alley Where
You Did Enjoy
Your Wicked Games
You Curious Boy

Tied My Laces Up Together
When I Fell
You Laughed
Until Your Belly Was Sore

In the Brick Laid Aisle Behind
The Five and Dime Store

That's How
I Made You Blush
But Doubt If You

Were My Tears Genuine
Or Those of a Skilled

Nothing Precious
Plain to See
Don't Make a Fuss Over Me
Not Loud
Not Soft
But Somewhere in Between
Say Sorry
Let It Be
The Word You Mean

I Was a Little Pest Who
Never Took a Hint
Could Never
Take a Hint

You Pinched My Fingers
In a Door
Tossed My Coloring Book in a
Rusty Barrel

Pulled Spiders From My Hair
Fingers in the Door

My Favorite Blue Blouse
Stained On the Back
Running From a Berry War

Can You Hear Me Scream
In Cotton Alley
Scream in Cotton Alley
In Cotton Alley