Future Islands

Cotton Flower

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We stood in an open field
Arrested by the warmth of autumn's eve
And you were kneeling down
To catch the sound
Of crickets moving south
Below the shield.

And i still capture glimpses of you there
Taking pictures in my mind to keep you near
But i am not alone
For you are home
And i am not alone
For you are here.

And maybe it's just the difference between
Getting past and getting just what you need
And maybe it's not something we can see
Or a part of something greater we could be

And the backfield there by the tractor's boughs
Warmly paved for long ago -- so go
The cotton blooms slightly sudden snow.

And strange, the way a flower held in your thought
Can hold the bitter past untorn
As do the blood that beauty's born
And to repay the lover's toll
And it took me by surprise
Were you scared?
The way you're searching might stay there
Will you look to me for something more inside
Love is fear
And lust to trust is dust we must out there
And deep down, i knew you'd cared
And share the love i teach in there.

So i won't hold you tight or keep you from the day
And you wouldn't have it any other way
But if you need a place to hide from yesterday
All you have to do is ask away
'cause i know the way

And it's a fine time for growing old
There's tea on the porch
Is that too bold?
And i alone, my love
For i am not ashamed
And i'll sing my love
To you each day.

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