Tech N9ne

Cotton Soldier

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whut up havermale how u doin, i got the flu but im still movin, spokane that would be my town this is where the JUGGALOS are born and crownd, we give em the mike they start rippin "dead body flashes im still limpen give me the mike and ill be pimpen" thats the lines everyones sayin rage 12 gage this is my religion juggalism, prism sit on my lap im santa claws and i am back one mo claw in yo ma fucken rack chitty chat stop talkin like you BLACK, fact; if you fuck wit me personaly get yo dome split my name is set and i personaly dont like you trick, tick tock there goes the clock its 12 at dot, where my pot my weed at that ratatat tat get me back get at me dog, i hop in my hog i got a 12 gage pump in the trunk along wit some egg nog, im looken for this nigga i know he snatch my weed, once i find him i know he'll beg and pleed, he dont really want to see me
cotton soldier, i told ya
who is it, the cotton soldier(2times)
so im headin down fellony flats im on gardner, everyone in the world i lost my partner, this is where im from though i dont have to be scared to screem out JUGGALO! but, im steel lookin for that fool who jacked me for my weed, i have to be cruel cause i lost all my weed, i gtta take this punk down curb stomp next this is my town, enable to have sex ill chop off his shit, then he sais wut next, huh damn, this fool must be rex, invincible, in every type of way, convinsible i pesonaly think hes gay, its all over now i got my weed back time to get blazed and get back home

WOOP WOOP, wut up havermale its 2006 and im blazed as fuck and any body who reads this ad on to the song, if you can so i can check up on my shit and see if anybody got this message
peace out

Autor(es): Don Juan / Tech N9ne