Leon Jackson

Could Do Better

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Love is a rose
It grows
When you feed it
But just
As we believed it
The thornswere
Tearing at the skin
A beautiful dream
Rudely awakened
But this heart
Is vacant
There's nothing
Left here within
So before we turn
And fade away my love
Be sure to learn
From our mistakes

So rip us up
And start again
But some day
We will love again
So as a friend
It's high time
Our hearts got clever
Cause I gave you
Everything I could
But we made bad
From something good
And we were good
But next time
We could do better
Could do better

Relieve every line
Every kiss
Every secret
But did we do
What we needed
We were so unaware
So just let it burn
But learning a lesson
Let's make
This cofession
Of all the blame
That we share
And I wish
That we could turn
Back time my love
Now that we know
All our mistakes


Sometimes love
Is not enough
To stay together
And we tried
So let's just learn
From our mistakes
For some other
Lover's sake
As I watched you
Fade away


Could do better
Next time
Could do better