The Posies

Could He Treat You Better?

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Could he treat you better, baby?
Tell it to me, do
When he gives you freedoms
Are you finding they're too few?
Isn't he still willing, child,
To let you act like you used to be?
If he answers you wrong, baby
Make sure that he's gone
By the next time I come through

Did he take your money?
Did he turn away all your friends?
Did he make you look cheap and sleazy to please the eyes of his bussinessmen?
Did he take your honor and make you trade it in for pride?
Oh sister be strong, you just keep on holding on, but don't you stay on as his bride

One day you're gonna die
Someone will ask you who did you love?
You can say you tried your best
You're gonna get your sweet rest
He can't ever say enough

Is it the kind of house now
Where everybody's choosing sides?
In a corner with your little boys and your little girls
Wondering if you can survive?
Is there someone better, to walk through this world with?
Oh lady be good, oh lord act now as you should and will you make that judgement swift?

One day you're gonna die
Someone will ask you who did you love?
One day he's gonna die
Sooner or later he's got to say
Remember me well 'cause I've bought my place in hell
I've got so much left to pay

Autor(es): Darius Take One Minwalla / Jon Auer / Ken Stringfellow

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