Cloven Hoof

Could this be love

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I remember the first time I saw you,
standing over by the juke box alone.
From that moment I wanted to take you home.

Walked on over and asked what your name was,
Played it cool, it was'nt easy.
Said pretty lady maybe you would dance with me?

Your the kinda girl I always dreamed of,
but never thought that I would meet.
When you said you more than liked me too,
It knocked me off my feet.

Could this be Love?
I'm feeling for the first time,
Never felt it before.
Something as good as this,
is the real thing i'm sure.

Through the evening we clung so close together,
Senorita you stole my heart.
We were meant to be right from the start.

Now I've found you,
Can't live without you.
Starlight shining in your eyes,
iWill you save the last dance for me/
Then don't say goodbye.

When you left me,
When you left me,
though love was true I was wrong.
All too soon,
I'm alone again.
Should of known it all along... Yeah!

Could it be love?
That I'm feeling?
Seems it's let me down once more.
Just when I though so long romance,
You came back knocking on my door.

Could this be Love? love, love yeah!