Swingin' Utters

Could You Lie?

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You're saying to me what you hear from all the people cursing in your ear trying out the possibilities of finding in me my worst sense of fear now you're a coward, and you're much too
tense and you're afraid, you jump at my pretense but could you lie, if your life would end? could you lie,
I don't think you can When you're sleeping premonitions of the worst kind come creeping from your mind So you slam the bedroom door from all
the things that may have come and then you hide...
Now you're confused and you sleep much too late, you try to drink, but you don't like the taste, but could you lie? you will on your first date rape...
now you're trapped into an alleyway You're covered in a box and soaked with rain, when you think about the food
your mother made when you were young you go insane, maybe this
could go another way, do you want to live another day?

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