The Human Abstract

Counting Down The Days

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Who are you, what have you become?
A charming illusion, a source of confusion.
Another day & you'll win the race, another day & you'll find your place: a charming illusion, a source of confusion.
Another rise to power, no matter who or when, and we will know of our freedom never again.
A common thread of distance in the hearts of men & we'll have love for our brothers never again.
We are all the victims of a will to overcome.
How far we've gone out of touch.
There's no right side of war.
You can't justify it.
To erase away all that we've become, they can't see we're all one.
A voice cries from underneath: Dark shepherds strongly though you wield the staff, you're weakened by comfort. There's no way you're prepared for what happens last: Action, reaction, like an eye for an eye from our tribal days, the lesser ones demand reaction.
Dare to challenge the one universal law, set you up to fall?
Do you understand now why your days are numbered?
Do you understand?
The course of events were a riddle, a pause in time, a search for the solution as we stood in line, honored our oppressors and paid our fines.
Then all became clear as the ferocity inside began, to hear the drums of war resound across the land, announcing the fate to shed blood upon the earth, it is ours.
To a system of capitalist politicians, false face of a greater power:
Your empire will fall, bringing about the end of an era.
Warmongers, your bloodlust to conquer turn the moments
of our lives into a ticking time bomb of your own creation, counting down the days, rot in your graves.
Doomed to repeat our history,there is more than one way to manifest the possibility of how things could be.
No time to wonder how when or why, we simply come together or die.
There's no right side of war.
To erase away all we've become, to erase away all that we love

Autor(es): Brett Powell / Dean Herrera / Nathan Ells / Sean Leonard

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