Counting on you/this is not a bruise

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The piano from the movie
is stuck on a minor chord
dont try and tell me something
then say that you forget it
just speak lipstick gurl !
and ill return your compliments
[i watch you choke on adjectives]
the porchlights turn off..
but its fine
i dont need to see your pretty face
to feel, happy, your voice, moves me
like gravity

Im counting on you
just for now
to say cutie things, to me
like "hey nice teeth"
and youll catch cold
by not using bow ties
to wrap your sentences

incentive to wake at 4am
to write poems with eyeliner
dont wake up
its too late to fall back to sleep
fuck lullabyes, lets harmonise
the stars on your ceiling glow
if all i did
if all i said
This is not a bruise from falling for you
look close, as if you care

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