Counting Sheep

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Summer time was not a lie, but
Just a feeling that we got
And I know you feel alone too
But this heat is not for us

I know I wanted to go
Into the valley where it snows
But I realized
This place is too cold to live my life

I'm sorry, sorry I couldn't go
On with these lies while I'm kissing your nose
I wasn't ready, I should have known
That this would happen
So let's stop these words, they're turning cold
Let's treat this goodbye like a simple hello
You're still so young, you have room to grow
Into something amazing

You'll sleep tight, I know this feels right
But there's something you should understand
When the leaves change, after three days
You won't remember who I am

I'm not calling you out
It's just you sound like her when you open your mouth
And I can't live with the chance
That this feeling's ever coming back
So no, you're not what I need
Those words you say, they're the orange in the trees
And I just need to sleep
I'm so sick of always counting sheep

I've been feeling so ill, is this all in my thoughts?
This feeling I get when I want you to rot
For all the things and all the pain you've caused
If we see each other, we won't stop and stare
Yeah, I'd rather you treat me like I wasn't there
I don't hate you, but honey, this still hurts
So I still have the things that we've had from the start
This pen in my pocket, this rusted guitar
And the courage to sing this pain away

Autor(es): Mitch Welling

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