Kate Voegele

Counting The Ways

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Oh, my darling i'm so far and i can't see my feet
Your water deep is washing over me
Fifty states must separate us but it only makes me see
How much you mean

When your whisper brought me outta my slumber
I stumbled under some kind of spell
And now the distance gives me reason to wonder
How i'll recover from our farewell

But these days
Doesn't matter what you say
I'm a mess when you're away
And unless you come back
I'll be one step closer to insane
It's enough to keep me lyin' wide awake
Counting the ways
That i miss you babe

Late into the night
I'm over the
Same old hello goodbye
Leave me speechless
I miss that feeling
With each lonely evening
That goes by

I can't describe
Well san francisco has a way with the summer
And fall does a number to new york city
But regardless of the season above us
You're doing something that's sure to get me

(repeat chorus)

Save me
Give this troubled heart
What it's been aching
Daily for
I'm hoping
You know me
Enough to see
That i can't be alone anymore

(repeat chorus)

Counting the ways
That i miss you babe...

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